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Choose from an Extensive Directory of Hairdressers Melbourne CBD
Australia is home to over 30,000 hair salons. Some of the best providers are right here in Melbourne. The only problem is finding qualified hairdressers easily and quickly in a city that is growing at a rate of 18% and on path to becoming Australia’s largest city by 2050!
You may have the desire and means to receive world-class hair treatments from the best hair colourist Melbourne. Like many, you may be happy visiting a salon local to you, in Camberwell or Hawthorn or have them visit you at your home or hotel.
Our online directory of hairdressers Melbourne CBD simplifies the job of discovering hair styling providers in the district and surrounding suburbs.
Check out their profiles, get a quote and give your hair the tender, loving care it deserves!
Good hair care is impossible without frequent trims
Step out in style in one of the world’s most liveable cities. If you’re a local, your need for the best hair salon Melbourne may be fuelled by these needs:

  • Maintaining a well-groomed look
  • Looking sensational at your wedding
  • Trying the latest trends
  • Meeting your professional obligations
  • Pampering yourself from time to time!
  • Preserving your hair’s health (read on to find out why)

Regular trims are important for hair health and appearance. Trim split ends to avoid breakage and flyaways. This may or may not promote hair growth (which depends on other factors like diet, fitness, medical conditions), but it will certainly make your tresses look thicker and shinier.
If you’re happy with the length of your hair, hairdressers Melbourne recommend a trim every 4-6 weeks. If you want to grow your hair out, you can wait until 4-6 months for your first trim, and then trim every 6-12 months.  
What to keep in mind before visiting a hair salon

  1. Assess your face shape and hair texture: Figure out which hairstyles suit your face shape. Your hair texture will dictate which look you can or cannot achieve. With realistic expectations, your final haircut and styling will look fabulous.
  2. Align to your lifestyle: Do you have the time or resources for a high-maintenance hairstyle? Most women seek trendy styles that can be easily maintained with a hair wash and rinse.
  3. Bring photos along: If you want a celebrity hairstyle, bring along photos that show exactly how you want your hair to look. For creative looks – whether in terms of style or colour – images can do a better job of communicating requirements than verbal explanation.

Tips on identifying the best hairdresser in Melbourne CBD

  • Check out proximity: Is the hairdresser an hour’s drive away? Unless the salon offers a very specific service that few others provide, you may want to stick to a hairdresser closer to you purely for practical reasons.
  • Check out photos: All the hairdressers Melbourne on our site feature a few photos demonstrating their talent. We encourage you to assess the photos to get an idea about what you can expect.
  • Look for reviews: Most hairdressers Melbourne CBD will have customer reviews and ratings. We recommend a quick check online or on their social media pages.

Are you a frequent business traveller to Melbourne?
After landing in Melbourne for yet another client meeting or business conference, you may be dealing with frazzled hair and tired eyes. What you need is a mobile hairdresser who can blow dry or blow weave your hair.
As your customer, you can access hairdressers Melbourne CBD in one place. If you have time on your hands, you can make a quick trip to a hairstylist Melbourne close to your hotel.
For weddings and corporate events, a mobile hair service at your home or hotel is ideal. Melbourne is home to many mobile hairdressers; several hair salons also offer mobile services upon request.
Compare mobile hairdressers Melbourne on our site to make a smart choice. Mobile service providers are equipped with the latest hair styling tools and advanced hair treatments. You can be assured of a salon experience in the comfort of your personal space.
An array of hair styling services
As we feature listings of hairdressers Melbourne on our website, you can choose from a vast list of hair treatments, styles and colours.  

  • Advanced colouring that meets your specifications on colour and placement: The best hair colourist Melbourne will be well-versed with hair structure, colour chemistry, colour correction and creativity. She/He will also understand the nuances of colour interpretation, selection and application.
  • A great selection of cuts and styles to suit personal, professional and event needs: A hairstylist Melbourne may specialise in certain hairstyles or be proficient with just about every cut there is. From blow waves, perms and updos to bangs, low buns, pixie cut and layers, there are several styles that you can achieve.
  • Extra services that enhance your salon experience: Some hairdressers Melbourne offer childcare services. A few may offer you a 5-star treatment with complimentary services and go the extra mile to make you feel relaxed and cared for.
  • Bridal and red carpet hair styling: If you want your hair and make-up to reflect the vibe of the event – glamorous, festive or formal – opt for a specialist. For instance, a bridal hair stylist Melbourne with good reviews is likely to offer better service than a salon that offers hair styling, cutting and colouring.

Why us?
If you seek local hairstyling services, you will love our website for the following reasons:

  • Slash the time and effort of finding hairdressers Melbourne by 70%
  • Find hair salons and mobile hair stylists to match your exact needs
  • Access advanced hair treatments and highly qualified stylists
  • Get quotes directly from providers to make rapid decisions
  • Check out the branded hair care and styling products on our website

We also sell salon products and assist with job searches in the beauty industry. If you’re a business owner or a job aspirant, we are happy to help you meet your goals.

CharityB Mobile Hair & Makeup
  • GHD Curls
  • Make-Up
  • Red Carpet Hair Styling
  • Russian Lashes
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Helena’s Mobile Cuts & Colour
  • Advanced Colouring
  • Cuts
  • Free Blowwave
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Julia Kurolenka Mobile Hair & Makeup
  • Bridal
  • Hair Styling
  • Make-Up
  • Upstyles
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Helena’s Mobile Wedding Hair & Makeup
  • Formals
  • Hair Styling
  • Lashes
  • Make-Up
  • Red Carpet
  • Upstyles
  • Weddings
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HairunLEASHed Mobile Hair Design
  • Colours
  • Hair Cutting
  • Hair Styling
  • Upstyle
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