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How Kim Kardashian Does Her Makeup In Less than 5 Mins

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve probably already see Kim’s revolutionary makeup tutorial on how she gets a natural but still flawless look with using very minimal products with are VERY affordable and thats not even the best part. You can now achieve the Kim Kardashian look in less than 5 minutes.

Kim Kardashian has given us hope that normal girls like us who have a lack of professional makeup skills, can now achieve a gorgeous natural makeup look in under 5 minutes.

Kim’s tutorial is great, simple and easy to follow and it’s also nice to know she doesn’t always wake up with her makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic on hand every morning and that she does actually do her own quick makeup routine every now and then.

Particularly the best take away point from this we generated were

Who can achieve this look :

         Those who have naturally healthy skin.

         Anyone who lacks time but still needs to look fresh and glowing throughout the day.

         Those with little knowledge on how to apply makeup

–          Time poor people who need to look great quickly

Who it is not designed for:

         Anyone who has a special occasion, wedding or nights out where you need your makeup to last all day/night. Leave that to the professionals.

         Those with un-even or troubled skin. We recommend maybe a 10 minute routine with a foundation base will be best advised to even out your skin tone first.

         Anyone wanting a high glam makeup look as this is a sexy, natural look.

Overall, there were many more positives to gain from watching this tutorial so give it a go, watch the video and try it on yourself. I tried this 5 minute makeup look this morning and I feel like I’m still glowing and it’s been on for 5 hours already.

Video Link Below & let us know what you think:

Or you can purchase Kims Creme Contour & highlight from her website here

Article written by: Instyle Hair For Brides


4 Simple Tricks to Get Your Makeup to Last All Night

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We all want to look amazing all night when out on a special occasion. Sometimes after eating, drinking and hitting the dance floor, our makeup look a little drab instead of fab by the end of the night.

Follow these 4 simple steps to help keep your makeup looking great and lasting the night.

  1. Prep your face well. This is essential to keep your makeup lasting ALL night long! Start with a light moisturizer first and follow with a makeup primer.
  2. Set your make up with a setting spray once you have finished creating your desired look. This will help keep your make up in place.
  3. Bring a touch up lip stick with you. After eating and drinking, a touch up lipstick will keep your lips looking full and vibrant with colour again.
  4. Bring blotting sheets in your purse. After drinking and dancing, most of us end up with a layer of sheen across our foreheads. Simple blot away to keep the rest of your makeup still in place and fresh.

For more information on what kind of specific brands you should be using for your skin type contact our artist Instyle Hair and Makeup For Brides


The Top 6 Hottest Hair Trends of 2017

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As 2017 is coming to an end we have now conducted our own research and put together what were the top 6 hottest hair trends of 2017

1. Boho Waves

Boho Perfect For Oaks & Stakes Day (1)
It’s that “I just rolled out of bed” look that we wish was achieved by rolling out of bed. This
Woodstock chic hairstyle can be dressed up or down, appropriate for any event. The effortless,
flowing waves suit the spring season to a tee, all you’ll need is a styling wand and a little bit of
setting spray to create this look.

2. Braided Upstyle

Braid Upstyle
This braided chignon is a classic, guaranteed to make you look sophisticated and sweet. Pair this
romantic hairstyle with a long summer dress and you’ll undoubtedly look like a modern day Juliet.
Adding flower clips to the look will give it that little bit extra that could be perfect for a spring day.

3. Classic Bun

Classic Bun Style
There are many variations on buns now, but the classic bun is timeless. The hairstyle is
irrefutable in it’s elegance, whether paired with a red-carpet dress or a slouchy off the shoulder
jumper. Classically feminine, you can always depend on the classic bun to make your look

4. Classic Upstyle

Classic Style
Picture a pink sunset over vineyard in Tuscany, and you’ll know the setting where this style
belongs. This style is more complex than most on our list, but it is well worth the effort. With this
hairstyle, you’ll look straight out of My Fair Lady at the races this year.

5. Messy High Pony-Tail

Messy High Pony
In a nutshell, this hairstyle can only be described as glamorous. A favourite of Blake Lively, this
look is for the modern woman who is effortlessly chic. What we love about this look is the attention
it brings to the face, perfect for a red lip or a smokey eye. Coil a section of hair around the hair-
elastic to give it something extra.


6. Vintage Waves

Vintage Waves

Think Lana Del Rey, Marilyn Monroe and Adriana Lima. Vintage waves are another classic look
that hold a special place in our hearts. The hairstyle is sexy, sultry and most of all elegant in a very
feminine way. Something about vintage waves makes everyone’s hair look healthy and glossy, we
definitely recommend this look for the Melbourne Cup.

To get any of these styles today contact Amanda’s Mobile Hairdressing 


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