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Hair Salon Social Media & Marketing Strategies

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As the owner of Mobile Hairdressers, I’m doing this blog to give you some tips on how to tailor your social media strategy for Hair Salons, Mobile Hairdressers or Makeup Artists.

So, How should you be using social media to generate exposure and real customers for your business?

This first thing i would like to point out it that i don’t only use social media to generate clients.

The top 6 marketing channels i use to promote my business are

  1. Social Media
  2. SEO (Organic Rankings)
  3. Google Adwords
  4. Email Lists
  5. Blogging and Vlogging
  6. Re targeting

So, lets talk hair salon social media and how to implement some hair salon marketing strategies today to engage, increase your brand and generate customers.

  1. Know which social media channels are relevant to your market, know where they are hanging out and use those channels.
  2. Using the correct # and handles, influencers will increase your reach. Don’t use hash tags that don’t have any followers.
  3.  Mix up your content, post content of your work and sharing content of other authority figures
  4. Writing blogs and then posting them through your social channels. Will establish your authority and let your followers know that you know your stuff
  5. Paid social campaigns – Offering something for free or of value and then promote it through social ads, get them to give you their details in exchange to a voucher.

We are currently helping many businesses in Australia to estblish and grow their mobile beauty businesses so if you are one of the following

Then you can learn more about how to grow your beauty business here.

Why Is NOW The BEST Time To Invest Into The Beauty Industry?

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The Beauty Industry Boom has been going strong for many many years and proving how robust it is surviving global financial crisis’s and bouncing back stronger than before. In times of financial stress beauty products and services are considered a necessity to many Australians and its not something we are willing to forgo when money is right. However, RIGHT NOW the Australian market is strong and Aussies have more disposable income than previous years, one of the many reasons for the continued growth in the industry.

So, what exactly are the main reasons contributing to the billions and billions of dollars that is the Beauty Industry?

  1. An increased demand for beauty services
  2. An increase in “New Markets” e.g DIY beauty or home based products, home based services, beauty trending items lead by both celebrities but also now social media stars or bloggers and new product markets e.g natural and organic to name a few examples.
  3. An increase in discretionary income, people are spending their spare money on looking and feeling good about their appearance.
  4. An increasing demand for higher prices beauty treatments, e.g laser, microdermabrasion, fillers etc.
  5. An increased image consciousness among male demographic.

The expected increase in revenue year on year is 1.3% growth which is huge considering what its work currently. There are reasons, so it might be very tempting to go out and start a beauty business to try and gain a piece of the pie and we encourage anyone to do so, the world is literally your oyster when it comes to demand for beauty. However, be smart about what you decide to do and to further assist you here are the top determining factors which will lead to a successful and profitable hair or beauty industry.

  • Having contact with your key markets (think about how you’re going to reach your market, who is your market, do you know how to market to them?)
  • Use of specialised equipment (whatever product or service you are going to offer make sure you position yourself as a leader with the latest and greatest equipment)
  • Proximity to key markets (Define you market and make sure they exist in your local area)

We are currently helping many businesses in Australia to estblish and grow their mobile beauty businesses so if you are one of the following

Then you can learn more about how to grow your beauty business here.

Melbourne Events to Glam Up For

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There are always plenty of events on in Melbourne, from Moomba to White Night, to Weddings to Comedy and Theatre right through to Spring Racing Carnival. We thought it would be a fun article to get some of Melbourne Top lifestyle bloggers to get together their answers on what their favourite event to Glam up for.
Our Top 3 Bloggers features this week are Anna Mac, Melbourne My Style & Maid in Melbourne all boasting a cool 10-20,000 followers on Instagram and GROWING. Its pretty clear that these ladies know what they are talking about when it comes to all things fashion related!
So without further a-do here are their FAVOURITE Melbourne events to Glam up for!
When it comes to Melbourne events to glam up for its hands down Spring Racing Carnival and this year i plan on heading out for Derby Day. With a sophisticated monochrome theme, its an amazing day out. Finding an outfit is going to be easy (and cheaper) this year with so many great options to hire everything, even down to head pieces and handbags. When picking heels comfort is key when you are on your feet all day, so thick and wide heels are a must. Keeping it classy for Derby Day i’ll be getting my hair and makeup done and a killer tan is of course the best accessory!
My favourite event is easily the races. Everyone goes all out and gets their head-to-toe glam on Its really the one time of year its appropriate to wear a killer headpiece, matched with the perfect dress, shoes and of course TAN, Full Hair & Makeup!
I would say without a doubt the biggest event to get glammed up for is definitely Spring Racing season particularly Derby Day the most elegant day on the race calendar. Traditionally black and white its a day to dress to impress and be elegant at the same time.
There you have it, these top Melbourne bloggers are all in unison on this one that Spring Racing carnival is the MOST popular event to get glammed up and a must is head to toe glam right from head piece to spray tan. So to make sure you are looking on point this racing season make sure you book in a Mobile Hair or Makeup Artist before your event and pre-order your bronze glow fake tan here!

Fake Tan Foundation and Makeup

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Ever wondered how the heck you’re supposed to match your foundation and makeup to your spray tan and acheive a flawless result?


1. How do I match my foundation to my spray tan?
2. What foundation should i buy to match my tan?
3. What foundations should i avoid?

Here we go…

1. Firstly if you are going to be getting your makeup done the top tip would be to leave your face un-spray tanned or just 1/2 a shade of tan for the best results when applying a full face of foundation, the reason is that when the face is a presented as a fresh canvas that the foundation will look a lot more even and longer lasting throughout the day, However If you are looking to go makeup free for about a week e.g going away on holidays or prefer the no foundation look then I would recommend getting your face spray tanned. If you havent purchased your tan foundation already then you can buy it after your tan so you can match it in store to get the true colour

2. Foundations to buy, always buy a yellow or olive based foundation. My recommended brands are Kroylan which has the largest range of colours or Ex1 which is just focussed on yellow based foundations which can be purchased online. Or MAC foundation

3. Foundations to avoid when you have a spray tan are anything pink or beige based



Fake Tan Tips

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Fit woman moving her body.

For the best results to any faketan we have put together our top 10 fake tan tips for the perfect fake tan to ensure you end up with perfect results every time!

Before Your Fake Tan Tips

1. Prepare your skin, this means exfoliating a few hours before your fake tan and ensuring that your skin fresh as possible for a longer lasting tan.

2.Shave or Wax 24-48 hours before your spray tan. Shaving or waxing too soon before your tan can cause the tan to seep into your pores leaving black spots on your skin

3.Do not leave any traces of moisturiser, deodorant, perfumes etc. on your skin prior to your tan. If you get a spray tan and still have any of these products still on your skin you tan is not going to develop properly and could leave you with uneven patches or no tan at all

4.Do not shower immediately before your tan, if you do this it means that you are likely to still have damp skin, allow yourself enough time for your skin to be dry and free from any water particles when getting a spray tan. If in the event, there is water still on your skin this leave marks and spots on your skin after your tan has developed.

5.Allow your tan to dry before changing into Loose fitting clothing afterwards.

After Your Fake Tan Tips

6.Wait for 2-8 hours before you rinse the tan from your skin or as otherwise instructed on the bottle. These instructions were written specifically for the best fake tan we have found on the market Fabu Body

7. When you rinse the tan bronzer off make sure you do not use any soaps, just rinse with water and pat dry with a towel, do not rub. Secondly, do not wash using soap for at least 24 hours if possible.

8. Moisturize your skin with a paraben free moisturizer as soon as you have showered. You should continue to moisturize at least 2 times a day with a specialized moisturizer for spray tans. We recommend using Fabu Concentrated Body Moisteriser to keep your skin hydrated. For just $35 online. Its  full of Vitamin A,E B5 Avovado Oil & Almond Oil

9. After 24 hours you can wash your skin with a body wash with moisturizing properties, best items include coconut oil, avocado and Moroccan oil based products. We also stock out favorite products for body wash here for $35 dollars Fabu Body Face Wash which helps the face from drying out.

10. Drink additional water to keep your skin as hydrated as possible, spray tans  absorb moisture so a handy trick to to drink even more water than you normally would in order to prolong the life of your skin cells.

Melbourne Fashion Week

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mfw-1(2017 Melbourne Fashion Week image)

Melbourne’s Fashion Week  has gives us the privilege to sit back and admire the talent that Australian designers have to offer. Melbourne Fashion Week runs every October here in Melbourne and its such a great experience when yuo get to whitness the breathe of sophisticated femininity that Australia as to offer in the fashion world. Rachel Gilbert is just one of the many talented designers we desided to write about for this blog post, she is very talented and successful fashion designer and owner of international fashion label which specialises in women’s ready to wear items and bridal. We took a deep dive into the designers background and found out some pretty interesting stuff to find out more about the woman behind the dresses. Enjoy!

  1. Rachel Gilbert thinks for herself as being “confident, elegant and feminine”. This really caries through to Rachel’s designs each being a beacon of femininity and elegance (Waterhouse)
  2. The designer never finished high school. Gilberts decision to leave high school would not have been successful without a clear goal and game plan ahead, but she made it work, and with style. Immediately after Rachel’s departure from high school, she went to study at the Whitehouse Institute in Sydney, building  a fashion empire out of nothing. This is definitely a woman who knows what she wants and how to get it. (Jane)
  3. Gilbert holds down 2 full time jobs: Running a company & a household. In an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald, Gilbert said that she had always wanted 2 children, and she now has what she wants. Rachel has two beautiful daughters names Storm and Sloane, but hasn’t stepped down from her business responsibilities! Rachel is simultaneously running a business and raising children – doing both with her signature elegance and ease. Her two children will certainly grow up in awe of their sophisticated powerhouse of a mother, who certainly seems a wonderful role model for them. (Waterhouse)

After attending the Melbourne Fashion Week Premium Runway 4 our top pic for design of the night was without a double Rachel Gilberts Stunning Alvida Gown features image in this article, to view Rachel’s work you can check out her website here

mfw-2(2017 Melbourne Fashion Week Picture from one of Rachels designs)

Article Written By: Alexandra Orr

Jane, Sarah “Women Who Inspire- Rachel Gilbert” Sarah Jane Lifestyle  Blogger, 25 June 2014.

Waterhouse, Kate “Rachel Gilbert talks fashion, motherhood and business in a Date with Kate Waterhouse” Sydney Morning Herald. 14 June 2015.

Spring Racing Hairstyles, Hats, Fascinators & Race Day Outfits

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Spring has well and truly sprung and to celebrate the season we have written an article about how to dress for the most prestigious events of the Spring Racing Carnival.

We have highlighted the seven  most popular days of the carnival in chronological order and how to dress for those days, we hope you enjoy this article and you get some useful Spring Racing Carnival Fashion Tips here

1. 16th September the Sofitel girls day out

Cocktails, high tea, and dressing to the nines? The Sofitel girl’s day out is the perfect time to channel your inner Audrey Hepburn. If there ever was a day to don your fabulously oversized Oliver Goldsmith sunglasses paired with an even more fabulously oversized Chapeau du Matin, this would be it. Whether you’re tasting macaroons at high tea, or sipping a Sidecar at the cocktail lounge, you will look perfectly glamorous in a high neck black pencil dress. Enjoy ladies, this day is all about you!

2. 27th September Spring Classics Preview Day

If I were to pinpoint a phrase to encompass the dress code for the Spring Classics Preview Day it would be: keep it classy. On this day, VRC members wear modest clothing in order to maintain the face of the racing society. Even if you’re not a member of the VRC, keep it classy but chic with a cream coloured flowing linen pantsuit, an ensemble that is breathable and elegant.

3. 7th October Seppelt Turnbull Stakes Day

Seppelt Turnbull Stakes day is a definite crowd pleaser; with plenty of things to do if you’re not so interested in the racing itself. There are games for those with children, and cocktail bars for those without, you’re certain to find something for everyone on this fabulous day. Staying in the theme of keeping it classy, we’re loving sleeveless brightly coloured floral tea-dresses for this event. This day is more relaxed than others on this list, so whatever you do choose make sure it’s comfortable enough to wear in the heat of the sun. Whatever you choose, top it off with a wide brim straw hat!

4. 4th November Derby Day

A personal favourite of mine takes place on November 4th, Derby day. Not only is this high up in the most prestigious sporting days in Australia, it is also well known for being a day to show off your most glamorous garments. Get creative for Myer’s Fashion on the Field competition, the classic theme of black and white for the ladies and grey for the gentlemen.

5. 7th November Melbourne Cup

This is the day to really put your personality into your attire, bright colours and bold patterns are at the top of the list for style preferences. As with every race day (and hopefully every day in general), we aim to keep it classy and elegant. This isn’t a limiting factor however, it’s an opportunity to give some wear to that perfect dress you keep for “that perfect occasion.” Dresses are most appropriate for this event, but if you’re daring enough to wear a chic pantsuit or jumpsuit, pair it with a wide brimmed hat or statement head piece. Go all out with a veil even, just don’t be boring!

6. 9th November Oakes Day

Everybody loves a statement outfit, but there is also pleasure in keeping it soft and pretty on the right occasion. It’s Ladies Day on November 9th, which means reverting back to traditional lady-like style for this particular day. Neutrals, creams and whites are gorgeous for this day, with powder pink having made a comeback this year it’s the perfect day to wear it out. Think pretty, subtle, slowly makeup for November Oakes Day, and pair the whole look with a glowing tan.

7. 11th November Stakes Day

By Stakes Day, we’re all out of statement outfits, and just so because it’s a far more relaxed affair. Break out of structured dresses and put on a comfortable loose and flowing ensemble, paired with jewelled mules and a killer clutch. Accessories are key for this event, a wide brim hat is never a bad choice, nor is a pair of oversized sunglasses. Wind down with your family on Stakes Day, and enjoy the beautiful weather that Melbourne’s spring has to offer.
For any of these events you can  pre-book your hair or makeup please click here
Written By: Alexandrea Orr

6 Self Care Activities and Ideas to Look After Yourself!

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Its so easy  to get caught up in the day to day lives that we tend to keep pushing ourselves that we forget about caring for ourselves and providing ourselves with the needs we have to have to be happy. Its also important to STOP and take time out for ourselves so we can reward ourselves and minimize those emotional and physical stresses, self care is a movement that teaches us to rely on ourselves for help.

If you have been feeling down, a little flat or sluggish and feel at a loss as to how to get back on track then you need to read the six self care ideas you can use as self care activities. Whether you use all of them, one of them of if it just helps to get you inspired and on your way to an amazing self care journey that works for you and you.

1. Exercise

It’s no secret that exercise is one of the most simple and effective keys to happiness and health. When we exert ourselves, our bodies release happy-chemical dopamine into our systems, causing us to feel pleasure and wellness. Exercise is free of charge, and can be as simple as stepping outside and going for a light jog. Why not set aside 3 hours a week and dedicate them to exercise in the name of self-love? What a necessary yet simple procedure that we should all incorporate into our lives to alleviate our stresses. Whether its signing up to the latest craze at F45 Training to get pumped up and energized or just taking a stroll for 30 mins after work. Find out what you enjoy and keep doing that, be consistent and create a routine.

2. Nutrition

Another widely known fact is that changing your diet changes your disposition. It has been proven that eating the right foods at pivotal moments can drastically change your mood for the better. You are what you eat has never been truer, and although there is no “one diet fits all” to a tee, there is definitely a diet that suits your physicality out there.
Whether you decide to test this theory by visiting a nutritionist or simply by sampling trial and error, you’re bound to find those foods that make you feel your best. Remember to drink plenty of water, preferably more than two litres per day, and you’ll be feeling great in no time at all.

3. Meditation

The notion that understanding yourself and your place in this world would ultimately lead to happiness is something that appears very sound. Understanding and appreciating yourself is vital to your mental and emotional health, a process which requires time to reflect. Meditation is a means to finding your direction and understanding yourself on a sophisticated level, and ultimately being able to accept yourself and see yourself in a different light. We certainly recommend taking 15 minutes a day to close your eyes and think, whether it be traditional meditation or a self led reflection, the most important part is that you gain a higher understanding of who you are.

4. Plants

Having plants around is not what comes to mind typically when contemplating improving levels of happiness. However, when reflecting on how important plants are to maintaining our ecosystem and literally creating oxygen which sustains us, the idea doesn’t sound so outlandish. We were intended to be outdoor-dwellers, however due to industrialisation humans spend more time indoors than ever before, which is depressing to our bodies. Having four or more plants in our houses and workspaces brings the outdoors in, and makes our bodies feel more at home, happier and lighter. You can buy indoor plants from the Littlest Plant Shop In melbourne who deliver to your door and have a great selection of affordable plants.

5. Look Your Best

This doesn’t mean get dressed to the nines and go full glam every day necessarily (although if that’s what makes you happy then go for it!). Looking your best means doing something every day that you feel makes you look wonderful. Set aside a little money to splurge on this one little treat, whether it be wearing your favourite colour eyeshadow, or
having a spray tan to feel like a million dollars every day. Whatever it may be, find it and find happiness in this secret vice. Its never a waste of money if you are doing something to make yourself feel good about yourself. A way to help you take care of your physical appearance would be to get you hair cut or coloured regularly and even if you don’t feel like leaving the house you can always book a mobile hairdresser to come to your home.

6. Take A Weekend Off

Take a weekend for yourself, and plan some special activities for yourself. Understandably, we can’t all afford to jet off to some exotic location and sun ourselves, but we can all afford to plan things to do that make us feel happy and healthy, at home in our bodies. Take that Monday off, get in your car and drive to a B&B for the weekend. Look at the ocean for hours, read a book, write down everything you’ve been bottling in. Take this time for yourself, because you are worth it.

Wedding Planning

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Now we just want to start by saying that we are in no way experts on wedding planning, but you may find this mini checklist helpful when planning your wedding as it covers THE major elements you’ll need to research and plan for well in advance for your special day. In addition we’ll be providing our suggestions and recommendations of local Melbourne businesses to consider for your special day to make it truly unique and special. So its more likely the article about what the main things to plan for a wedding are.

1. One ofanna-campbell THE most and if not the most spectacular and important moments of your day is the dress, all eyes are on you as you walk down the aisle to your husband or Wife to be. The dress will become a very iconic statement for the day and years after and perhaps a statement piece you will go to hand on to your own children for their weddings. We love the stunning masterpieces that by Anna Campbell for unique and custom made dresses located in Armadale or MLD Bridal Studio in Collingwood  put together each dress is unique and elegantly designed for the individual.

2. The Venue, It sets the tone and atmosphere for the whole day, emotions will be at an all time high for you and your guests, the venue will set the theme and provide a sense you who you are and perhaps what your core values are. For selecting the perfect venue we would suggest picking a place where you can picture you and your loved ones having a great time or a place that really means something to the both of you and your partner. It might be worth while making a list using a wedding planner from Kikki K OR Esty and visiting the places 2 or 3 times, noting down what you liked and disliked about each venue before locking in a decision. Melbourne is a very popular and busy wedding city of love so make sure you book well in advance to secure your perfect venue.

3. The Cake, We would recommend looking through pictures on the internet to find inspiration before going to a cake maker directly, this will give you some idea of level of technical requirements before even searching for the cake artist. For a truly unique cake experience there are some great cake artists who make outstanding custom designed wedding cakes, our favourite is Christina Blaby  of Boutique Cake Art located in Yarraville,

4. The Venue & decorations, If you’re more of the recycling type then its better to hire your decorations for your special day and pass them on again once you’re done with them,  custom wedding decorations can be hired by b_uniqueeventhire where you can find them on Instagram. It’s a great idea to hire unique decorations than to have to buy them and then later try to resell them later once you’re finished with them.

5. Hair and makeup, For hair styling, makeup  we recommend getting a company who is highly skilled and mobile so they will come to your home and provide a high end service for your special day. All out hair and makeup artists are highly qualified and trained to do wedding hair styling. You can find out more about our wedding hair styling services here.

How To Become A Mobile Hairdresser

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If you’re looking to start Mobile Hairdressing or wanting to grow your existing clientele then you need to read this blog which covers the top 7 things you’ll need to do to become a mobile hairdresser

  1. Equipment & Products

Before you can even start taking on clients or practising on family and friends first you will need to invest in your equipment and products for either hair or makeup. Depending on your budget you may need to plan accordingly in order to build up your kit.

First, decide what kind of hairdresser or makeup artist you want to be and then make a list of the items you will need to stock up your kit. For example if you are going to be a wedding hairdresser then you may not need to worry about buying things like colours, but you may need to be well connected to supplies of bridal hair pieces for easy and fast access to hair accessories, this may be an additional selling point for your services. If you are looking to do general hairdressing like cuts and colours then your equipment will differ from that of a hairdresser who specialises in weddings, hair ups, and hairstyling. If you are looking for a great hair stockist of general hairdressing colours and products you might like to try Farmavita  who offer a 10% discount to our customers.

To help you get started with purchasing all of your equipment we suggest making a list of most important to less important and work your way through it that way.

Another good tip is to make sure you have back up equipment in case something breaks on the day. Nothing worse than being stuck halfway through a blow dry only to have your hairdryer break…


Being organised is going to be crucial in order to keep your clients happy. If you are not a naturally organised person we would suggest buying a diary and start using it to document all your interactions and bookings to ensure you don’t end up doubling up or missing appointments. Take your diary with you everywhere whether its a digital diary or a paper diary make sure it never leaves your side. When you become a mobile hairdresser you will have to get used to customers contacting you through multiple online channels and at all hours of the day.

For your own sanity, make sure you have days where you simply have to yourself and make sure to set up autoresponders so that your customers know when to expect to hear back from you.

Having a structured website that sends enquiries direct to your inbox will also be helpful, if you are not receiving majority of your leads through your website then you may need to re-look your website structure.

You may also want to look into getting some online booking software for when your clientele gets bigger.  

3. Marketing & Customers

Bringing in a constant stream of new clients as well as marketing and retaining you old clients is a balance, you you don’t have the skills or time to do it yourself, it would pay to get someone who can. Look into agencies or consultants that will be able to help with adhoc tasks to manage your marketing process and execution for you.

You should be able to bring in customers from both online and offline marketing techniques. The best online channels for generating mobile hairdressing and makeup clients are SEO, Google Adwords, Facebook, Instagram, Content Marketing, Video & Influencer Marketing. Offline marketing that works is partnering with like businesses and start a referral program, attend local events and establish yourself as an expert in your field and really live and breathe what you do day in day out. You are your best marketing tool!

If you would like to start a free trial listing on our site today you can fill out the form here and get clients now

4. Reliable transport

Firstly, make your boundaries, where are you willing to travel to and how far. If you allow to take clients further away, do the numbers and work out what you need to be charging them in order to make it worthwhile for you. If you are just starting out you may want to provide some free mobile hairstyling for free in exchange for content.

Once you have figured out where you are willing to travel then make sure you have reliable transport to get from A to B. Either have a good car or invest in a good car, always have a  back up plan in case the unexpected happens, you should have an “emergency budget” set aside for unplanned uber or taxi fares or bus or train tickets in case your car breaks down. You may be able to set your pricing accordingly to allow for uber or taxi fees if that’s your preferred method of getting to your location.

5. Networking

Networking is the best way to get clients offline. Collaborating with businesses who are in a similar industry to you but are not direct competitors are good to have on board to compliment on another and begin a referral marketing program.

Personal networking and branding of yourself offline and online, make sure you are who you say you are and your actions match up to who you are as a business owner, this will help establish you as an expert in your industry and build credibility around your brand.

Don’t be afraid to give up your time to teach or to conduct a educational meetup. It’s a great way to meet people and get your name and face out there.

6. Get Certified

If you are not already qualified make sure that you are before you start, to become a hairdresser you will need to complete a certificate from tafe. Then go and get experience, if its slow getting clients with less experience you may need to offer some of your services for free to begin with to help build your confidence and portfolio of work and or trial out on family and friends.

7. Persistence

Be patient, if you are just starting out or wanting to increase your existing clientele you will need to have patience and persistence, keep showing up and doing the work. If you keep at it you will achieve more clients and a more steady stream of clients.

We are currently helping many businesses in Australia to estblish and grow their mobile beauty businesses so if you are one of the following

Then you can learn more about how to grow your beauty business here.

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